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CDFU’s utilisation of world proven processes that emphasise evidence-based programming and participation of all stakeholders gives our interventions an edge over others. All our programs utilise the P-process that involves research/evidence gathering; strategy design; creation & testing messages; mobilization & monitoring; as well as evaluation. All our interventions are rooted in different SBCC theories to enhance effectiveness and appropriateness.

Since communities are diverse and target groups have different needs and channels that appeal to them, CDFU uses the multi-media approach that comprises a combination of interpersonal communication, community mobilisation approaches, IEC/print materials, mass media (radio and television) and new media (social media and SMS). Utilisation of multiple channels ensures that all the target audiences are reached with the intended message.

In addition, CDFU values and emphasises stakeholder participation in all its programs through consultations and dialogue sessions during design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Stakeholder participation enhances project ownership and sustainability. Stakeholder participation is often coupled with continuous capacity strengthening to equip and empower the stakeholders to continue the interventions even after the project has ended.

CDFU utilises and works through existing structures including government departments at national, district and lower levels; non-governmental organisations (NGOs); Community-Based Organisations (CBOs); school clubs (for school-based programmes) and other community structures/networks. Working through existing structures enhances continuity of interventions by the different structures.
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