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Rock Point 256 has been a blessing to me and my community

Uncategorised • 2017-01-12 11:53:17


Rock Point 256 has hooked its listeners for the last 10 years because of the clever intertwining of science and art to create a blend of entertainment and education. Rock Point 256 radio serial drama does not tell its audience to do this or that, but shows them how, by modeling a journey of change in a realistic way and characters that the audience can identify with.

25 year old Caroline Anyii, a resident of Morungatuny sub-county in Amuria district is a good testimony of how Rock Point 256 has shaped the lives of youth from a state of hopelessness.  

Anyii dropped out of school when she was in senior four (S.4) in 2010 due to pregnancy. The man responsible for the pregnancy refused to take care of her and when the baby was born, he distanced himself even further, leaving her to fend for herself and her little child. She stayed home for four years, only getting support from her parents.

Anyii was an ardent listener of Rock Point 256 and she learned several lessons about how to get by life as a youth, despite the challenges of life. During one of her visits to the sub-county, Anyii found the headmaster of a local primary school giving teaching skills to some people interesting in the profession of teaching.

“I still had interest in education, I asked to join the training which was granted. After months of intensive training, the headmaster interviewed me to take up a position of a literacy teacher and I passed the interviews,” Anyii proudly narates.

Anyii was given a vacancy to teach English and Literacy One in Primary one and two and also Literacy Two (reading) in primary two.

Morungatuny Orapak Youth Association (MOYA), a Rock Point 256 Listening and action platform (LAP) later picked interest in her work and experience. They recruited her to join them and train other women in the sub county. Her main task was to encourage fellow women who dropped out of school to pursue practical courses whenever an opportunity was available.

“I have managed to convince women to always listen to Rock Point 256 in order to learn new ways of modeling their lives, keep healthy, work hard and save some of their income. I also talk to young girls in my community about Sexual Reproductive Health, abstinence and advise them to keep in school,” says Anyii.

Anyii was one of the participants in the Rock Point 256 LAPs Trainer of Trainers workshop at Arch apartments in Kampala in December 2016 where LAPs were oriented on youth participation in the planning and budgeting process. They were also equipped with skills in making several products such as counter books, liquid soap, hair shampoo and baking doughnuts, half cakes and daddies to raise an income in line with the themes in the radio drama.

Simon David Emogu, the youth leader of MOYA says that Anyii has been influential to youth in the community.

“She has natural skills of calmly talking to her fellow youth about life challenges and education,” Emogu notes.

Anyii says that she is very grateful to Communication for Development Foundation Uganda and Rock Point 256 for the new skills learnt. She said that the training was a blessing and a stepping stone for her to start making several products for supply in Amuria in order to further supplement her income and be able to take good care of her child. She adds that she will pass on the skills to other members of MOYA and her community to improve their livelihoods.

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