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Rock Point 256 Lights Up Gulu Town

Uncategorised • 2017-06-20 10:45:54


Rock Point 256 brought Gulu town to a standstill in a two-day activation at the beginning of March 2017. Children, youth and the elderly left whatever they were doing and all eyes shifted to two gigantic puppets that invaded the town, dancing to fancy Lingala music aboard a double cabin pick up. The musical activity moved almost everyone who was either left staring in awe or dancing along to the music.

The activation is a popular community mobilization approach used by CDFU to draw attention to a specific event or piece of information. This time round, the activation was aimed at reviving the Rock Point 256 listenership in the district. On the first day, it took off with a road drive in the out skirts of Gulu Municipality. The drive started in Cerolena market area with several stop overs at Layibi P7 School, Layibi trading center, Lacor market, St Jude market in Kanyagoga and ended at The Ladder Gardens.


                 CDFU giant puppets entertain pupils of Layibi P7 School during one of the stopovers

During the drive stop overs, the puppets disembarked from the vehicle and danced for and with the residents, attracting even passers-by on foot, bicycles and bodabodas. The master of ceremonies (MC), Makofi, a popular young man with the Gulu communities, engaged standers-by in discussions about Rock Point 256. This was also an opportunity for them to learn more about CDFU’s toll free Hotline where they could call in case they need reliable, anonymous and non-judgmental information, counselling and referral in different health, social and development issues.


             Vendors at Lacor market could not control their excitement on seeing the CDFU giant puppets

On the second day, the drive started  in the morning at Acholi Inn Hotel and followed the Kitgum road with stop overs at Kabedo-Opong trading center, Gulu University, Cuk Atuku market, Wal Bongo market, town view market and later at Pece stadium. Members of the communities were entertained and informed about the big activation that would happen that afternoon.

In the afternoon, CDFU and Northern Youth Alive Multipurpose Uganda (NYAMU) teams were joined by ACCORD Uganda, a civic education partner supported by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF) for the drive that started at Pece Stadium, through Layibi and the main streets of Gulu town to Gulu Main market, where the activation was held.


Makofi, a popular MC in Gulu district engages the crowd in discussions about the popular radio serial drama Rock Point 256

At the market, the team engaged the huge gathering by playing various clips of scenes from the 12th season of Rock Point 256. The people who answered the questions correctly walked away with gifts buckets and basins branded with Rock Point 256 stickers


Francis Onyago (with microphone) the Co – MC at the main event at Gulu main market takes answers from the audience about Rock Point 256 and the CDFU Toll Free Hotline. The winners took home Rock Point 256 branded gifts

The audience was also asked to call the tollfree Hotline and those whose calls were answered and amplified were also rewarded with gifts. The road drives and activation were attended by approximately 1,300 women, men, youth and children. 

These included about 650 women, 330 school going children and youth and 320 men all who were enthusiastic about the gigantic puppets.


Hundreds of Gulu residents thronged Gulu main market parking lot to watch the puppets. Several walked   away with gifts from Rock Point 256

The two days activation was concluded with a one hour talk show on Radio Rupiny from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, which was an offer by the radio station for the great partnership it shares with CDFU. The show featured guests including Evelyn Lanyero from CDFU, Opige Richard and Apaco Concy from NYAMU, Elly Turiho and Okello Emma from ACCORD Uganda. The discussions evolved around the Rock Point 256 radio serial drama with a focus on the two storylines: youth involvement in the budgeting process and monitoring of government projects; and youth employment initiatives, that encouraged youth to engage utilize their energy and skills to earn an income as opposed to waiting for white collar jobs from government. ACCORD also had the opportunity to share about their work in civic education and their availability as a referral point for residents in Gulu regarding civic education issues.


Talk show host Eric Otim interviewing panelists Concy Apacho, Evelyne Lanyero, Richard Opige and Emma Okello during a talk show on Radio Rupiny 95.7 FM

Olara a hairdresser from Ogul called into the show and said, “I am always laughed at and ridiculed by people in my community because I plait female hair. However I do not mind about the insults because I love this job and it earns me money.”

Another caller Kilama from Koch Lii had this advice for the youth, “Do whatever legal job you get your hands on as long as it earns you an income. If you can’t get any employment at the moment, sweep the compound at home or get a hoe and dig.

Last but not least was a call from a one Cosmas who stated that, “youth of these days do not search for jobs. They just want to sit back and wait for office jobs which never come. Go and engage in farming.”




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