USAID/Advocacy for Better Health (ABH) project
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The USAID Advocacy for Better Health is a five-year project implemented by PATH in collaboration with Initiatives Inc. (Initiatives), with a goal to improve the quality, availability and accessibility of health and other social services in 35 districts in Uganda. The purpose of the project is to increase citizen’s voice for quality service delivery. The project is expected to empower citizens to demand improved quality services, strengthen the capacity of CSOs effectively advocate for issues of citizens’ concern in the health and social sectors and strengthen institutional capacity of CSOs. These will be achieved through empowering citizens with information, skills and tools to carry out effective advocacy; strengthening platforms and mechanisms where they can demonstrate technical credibility; and organizational capacity to obtain, manage and implement advocacy projects. CDFU is the communications partners and provides technical assistance (TA) in advocacy related communications for the project. Specifically, CDFU provides communication – related technical assistance; supports the project sub-grantees to develop and implement their communication strategies; develop Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials including messages and coordinates placement of messages in national level media.

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