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Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) implements the Civic Education Project titled “Empower a Youth, Build a Nation” funded by the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF). The project which targets young people aged 15-29 years aims at enhancing civic knowledge and skills of the youth in order to increase their participation in decisions that affect them. The project utilises the popular award winning Rock Point 256 as its centre-piece. Rock Point 256 reaches an estimated 6,000,000 Ugandans with key messages addressing a range of health and development issues. It is currently broadcast on 24 radio stations in four languages (English, Lwo, Luganda and Runyankole – Rukiga / Runyoro – Rutooro. The project supports 46 civic education platforms (listening groups) in and out of school in different districts in Uganda Through the civic education “platforms” the youth, the listeners discuss the issues emerging out of the radio programmes.

As a follow on to the Civic Education project, CDFU currently implements a voter education focused intervention titled “My Vote, My Voice, My Country”. The overall objective of the project is to provide voter information among the youth in order to increase their participation in the electoral processes. The specific objectives are to: create awareness among youth aged 18-29 years about their roles, rights and responsibilities as citizen’s of Uganda to enable them exercise their right to vote; and mobilise youth aged 18-29 years to participate in electoral processes in the country. The project targets youth aged 18-29 years who are in and out of school and community leaders, as the direct beneficiaries as well as peers of the target audience not reached by the programme, teachers and the larger community members as the indirect beneficiaries.

Evelyn Lanyero, CDFU staff demonstrating to Rock Point 256 listeners how the radio works. The radios are for the Civic Education listening groups

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